September 8, 2008

all's well that ends well

"Happy St. Patty's Day" - famous last words? Well, I hope as much has happened in your life since then as has in mine. While I'd like to start blogging again, I feel that this blog has run its course.

Have you ever used Wordle? (If you haven't, you really must check it out - it is too cool.) A while back I stumbled upon it and entered this blog on a whim, creating the word cloud below. I was surprised by how visceral and emotional my response to the words were. Tight-celebrations-prayers-nonetheless-family-cabbage-like-love-dread. These words are a record of my life; they are why I've loved this blog - and yet I find that I no longer have the time nor energy to keep it up.

Not only have my life and schedule changed in the last months(and they have!), but my ideas for blogging have as well. As relates to creativity, I've used this blog mostly to record the end product. Now I find I am just as interested in the creative process - the inspiration, the frustrations, the happy accidents. I want to record all the little mundane things that interest and inspire me - light patterns, poems, music, textures - all the little nothings and nobodies, without the pressure to wait until I am "somebody" with "something" to say.

i'm nobody too

So goodbye for now, but please visit and say hello to me here: I'm Nobody Too