October 30, 2007

the Limberlost dress

Have you ever read the novel A Girl of the Limberlost? Written by Gene Stratton Porter at the turn of the century, it tells the tale of Elnora Comstock, a girl who lives and collects moths at the edge of Indiana's Limberlost Swamp. Longing to educate herself and yet emotionally estranged from her mother, Elnora portrays with a more mature range of emotions than other heroines she might be compared to, giving her tale a haunting and bittersweet tone.

I don't know what it is about it - the old-fashioned drama of the long bishop sleeves, the pale green color reminiscent of the Luna moths that Elnora collects, or merely the nature-lust that this time of year so easily excites in me - but I've named my latest dress the Limberlost dress in honor of the book.

the Limberlost dress

Actually, the pattern is one of 4 vintage maternity patterns which I've inherited from my mother. I'd already been eying this pattern when Jenny posted about being inspired by her mom's maternity patterns. And after seeing the Lyell fall '07 collection, I knew it had to be made. Although the pattern is 3 sizes too small for me, the extra fullness in the body meant it required only a little altering through the sleeve and bust area. All the seams are finished with either French seams or bias trim. I don't care if volume is going out, I absolutely love this dress! (More photos here.)

In other news, I find myself with very little time to enjoy the beautiful fall that is emerging around me. I made up my mind some time ago to settle with temporary employment for the next year, while I try to make my way into the world of theatre and costuming. So in the meantime I've been giving private sewing lessons, and I have just finally been approved to substitute teach. I've also been coming up with some new designs of my cabled bags, toying with the idea of offering them for sale. Whatever comes of it, you'll be sure to hear of it here!

autumn: a still life

This last shot embodies the best of autumn for me - dappled sunlight, brilliant color, and a good book. What does your perfect autumn day look like?


Casey said...

Oh my!!! I really, really love this dress! The color, volume, inspiration (I read and reread A Girl of the Limberlost sooo many times growing up! I think I shall have to go back and reread it again...)! And the photographs are absolutely stunning! Beautiful! :)

How are those sewing lessons going for you? I'm thinking of offering something similar since it looks like I won't be able to go back to school full time next semester. :p

Have a lovely day! :)

bery said...

I love it! ^^

HLS said...

I love that you named a dress after a book, and it looks truly amazing. As do you your photographs. So glad to be able to see what you're working on and what inspires you... :)

Kelly said...

Thanks everyone! :">

Casey: Another Limberlost fan! Sewing lessons are going well. Still getting the word out, and trying to decide on other ways to advertise, but the lessons themselves are very enjoyable!

B: Recognize the chair? ;)

H: Same to you! I can't wait to sink my teeth into your blog, and live vicariously through your wonderful theatre encounters.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

ambika said...

This is *gorgeous*--love the color and the absolutely dreamy photos.

Dunja said...

This is great info to know.