October 24, 2007

one stitch at a time

the bad and the ugly

Note to self (and all who would profit by it - the lesson transfers to other skills): If you're using fusible interfacing on a neckband and it looks like this, do not pass go, do not collect $200. But most importantly, DO NOT SEW THE BAND TO THE GARMENT. Do not think that it doesn't matter, you can work around it, you won't notice it. Doing such will only lead to wasted work and eventual frustration. On the other hand, do not start cutting out a new neckabnd or interfacing immediately once you have realized your error. Doing such will result in slipshod, anxty work and eventual self-destruction.

What to do in such a situation: Stop. Do only enough tidying up of the workspace to make it neat when you return to it. Leave the workspace. Savor your favorite movie. A good night's rest is highly recommended.

The next morning, DO NOT avoid or ignore the project, thinking it will go away. If you do, it will, and you'll never finish. Re-assess the situation and, in a calm and deliberate manner, do what it takes to fix it. If this means using up all your back-up material on a new collar, do so. Take the problem (and the decisions) one stitch at a time. Trust me, it's worth it.

Sigh. What I have to go through to remind myself of this. In happier news, just look at what I found at the library's used book sale last week! The best part about it? I already own vol. 1!

the good

P.S. I don't know if anyone who reads this is from S. Cal, but I'm sure many have friends and family (myself included) that have been affected by the fires. Drop a line here if you do: you're in my prayers!

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