January 10, 2008

lady susan

Phew! It's been forever since I posted! My sister has been on break from college, and we've really enjoyed just kicking back, seeing the city, and watching old movies. Before I go into any of that these dress pictures are long overdue! Here at last is the Jane Austen bridesmaid dress, a private commission I took on during December, using red velvet and Jenny Chancey's Simplicity 4055.

lady susan.1

My client has almost the same measurements as me, so I took the liberty of taking some pictures before I handed it off. Thanks so much to Tracey for helping with the photography! Incidentally, all of the pictures were taken at my sister's dorm - pretty fly for college housing, no? Anyway, the lighting/camera weren't the best, so a majority of the indoor pics didn't turn out. It's just as well, I suppose, as we did tend to get carried away . . .

lady susan.3

lady susan.4

lady susan.2

A lot of my interest in sewing stems from the costume world. As a young literary-minded girl I swooned over the romantic fashions of costume dramas, and for some years in junior high, I wanted to be Kate Beckinsale's Emma. Besides, all of us like to play dress-up every once and a while, no? So it was really fun to revisit that fascination with this dress.

Overall, it came together nicely, but the dress certainly has left its mark - literally. Not only is the studio filled with red velvet fuzzies, but my poor machine bed is now stained pink! I tried using rubbing alchohol which helped, but the plastic seems to have absorbed some color. Moo.

lady susan.5

(Btw, kudos to anyone who recognizes the novel this post is named after! I thought the dress's crimson color was well suited to the brazen lady.)


Anonymous said...

Oh! What a wonderfully gorgeous dress! I just love the color and how beautifully it turned out (and you are quite a striking model!)! :) Bravo!!

hehe... I certainly recognize the post title!! :D Hurray for Jane Austen! ;)

Hope you're having a lovely week...

tracy said...

absolutely stunning!

Anonymous said...

I came over from sew mama sew. You look so wonderful in that dress. BTW, PBS is having a Jane Austen movie special this month. Which book has Lady Susan? I must have missed that one. Oh and you did a great job on the dress!


Paul Pincus said...

Terrific post!


bery said...

I love it! *Dies from overload of goregousness* What month is/was the wedding to be in? Were all the bridesmaids going to be in red velvet? Just curious! :)

Blaze said...

Beautiful dress!! I just love the red against the green pines! You have a lovely smile too! :)

Glad you are back! Here's to a new year of blogging beautiful things! :)

Katrina - Edelweiss Patterns said...

OH my goodnes - what a stunning gown! I have never seen Jennie's pattern made up from velvet before, and you have down a terrific job.

Happy sewing!