February 6, 2008

but let a splinter swerve -

I love getting mail. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was when a package came last week from my dear friend Heidi, containing (among other things) a new inspiration journal. With blank, unlined pages. In eggplant purple.

new inspiration journal

Thank you, my dear. It's perfect. I inaugurated it by copying this poem into it.

Dickinson 536

Speaking of poems, I've also added a booklist to the sidebar on my blogger account. Although it doesn't come up much here, my training is in literature. I think the main reason it doesn't come up much is because my artistic expression doesn't match my training: I'm no writer.

Still, my study and enjoyment of story heavily influences my work. I love reading the textures and nuances of the page and interpretting them in fabric. With a pen I will never match the wit of Austen, the poignancy of Dickinson, or the raw honesty of Eliot. But with a needle in hand and their words in my heart, at least I can attempt it.

I've just finished This Heavy Silence, a new novel that speaks of remorse and forgiveness without ever falling into sentimentalism. Next up: Creators by Paul Johnson. What are you reading lately, and how does it influence your work?


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful eggplant color! I am totally drawn to that color! It's so rich and plummy!

And thanks for sharing the poem with us! :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous color!! :) What a great gift. :)

Oh... I love that you've added a reading-list widget! Now I need to add one to my blog too... hehe!

And I daresay that you should post more about your literature interest! I for one, love to read (just got out of the habit over the last year; I'm remedying that now!), and I think you probably have lots of wonderful things to say about books and reading!!!!! :)