September 17, 2007

things are looking up

Although I've been AWOL for some time, it isn't entirely my fault. For the past week, I've been playing mommy to a beautiful 14-month-old little girl. The family for which I babysit went to DisneyWorld and, understandably, left the baby behind.

flickr favs, 9-17-07

Things I'm glad to be done with from the week:
  • Receiving suspicious glances and intrusive questions every time we left the house
  • Being asked by a woman in the grocery store to join her mommy-baby workout group
  • Watching TiVo-ed episodes of "What Not to Wear" (a show with which I have quite the love-hate relationship) during naptime
  • Being bitten by a small homo sapiens for the first time since I was 6
What I'll miss from the week:

  • Getting that adorable, sleep-eyed smile everytime I went ot pick her up out of her crib, and the soft droning chorus of da-da-da-da-da (the only syllable she can pronounce with any coherence or fluency) following me wherever I went
*sigh* It was a good week.


bery said...

Being mistaken for the mommy of an infant isn't so bad when you're 22. It was bad when I was 16.

So, Kelly, are you getting bitten by the baby bug? Want some of your own, eh????

*tease tease*

Erhen said...

I miss your lil' indiscretion.

::grins:: I heart about her biting you. You know I used to bite my mom a lot...It was how I showed affection. Needless to say I got backhanded a few times.