September 1, 2007

. . . when autumn leaves start to fall

Okay, so they're nowhere near falling yet, but I love that song. Just popping in for some links . . . enjoy!

  • The hilariously funny yet provokingly familiar photography of Sarah Hobbs. Recently on exhibit at the Art Institute in Chicago, more here and here.
  • I want this cardigan sewn of fluid jersey knit, sculptural felt, and a knitted version of super chunky wool.
  • Office supplies that distract from inspire productivity. I'm discovering that office supplies are a wonderful substitute for the school-supply-buying impulse.
  • Sweet potatoes taste like fall, especially when seasoned with chili powder and thyme.
  • Everyone's posting it, but the fall looks of Lyell are gorgeous. She seems to me to be hovering on the border between Professor Kirke's and Narnia.
  • Gorgeous, gorgeous hats. In a random conversation the other day on what we'll be like when we're old, my friends and I determined that I'll be the eccentric hat lady that wears loads of cheap costume jewellry (wait, I do that now . . .). It's hats like these make me excited about getting old!


Erhen said...

Wow, I love your blog. I don't remember if I've given you the link to mine so here it is:

Everyone else's blog is on my links page. Sorry for the lateness of this, I seem to have acquired a cold, perhaps it is because the light/life of Williston Left with you and your sister. =P

Skornfield said...

Hey, your blog is delightful! come and visit mine at

only, i've limited who can see it, so email me with your email address, and i'll send you a formal blogger invite to my blog which will give you access... such confusion.... anyway, email me at: