September 18, 2007

vintage beauties

Hurrah for friends that take initiative. The Saturday before last, just before I headed off for my week-long of babysitting, I received a call from a girlfriend who's recently moved back into town. We'd been wanting to get together for some time, and she had the perfect venue: a vintage clothing expo being held that day in Elgin.


SO MUCH FUN. I've been wanting to explore the vintage clothing options in the Chicagoland area for some time, and this (featuring 90-odd vendors) was the perfect opportunity to do so. There really were a wide variety of sellers too; many super-expensive, never-in-a million-years-could-I-afford vendors, such as I expected, but many were much more reasonable than I expected. Besides, even if you can't afford it/don't fit in it, it's still fun to drool over all the lovely silohuettes and quality craftsmanship of years gone by.

Why oh why are vintage shoes always too small for me?

My only regret is we had only 2 hours to spend there before they closed! Ah well, there's always next year. That did mean, however, that prices were much more "negotiable." I scored a 60s powder-blue wool coat for 1/3 off the original price, with only a twinge of buyer's remorse afterwards. I promise to get a decent picture once the weather cools down. In the meantime, enjoy more at my flickr.


casey said...

Oh wow!!! You lucky girl! ;) Looks like there was tons to look at/drool over! I can't wait to see your coat... vintage coats are my biggest weakness. ;) lol.

bery said...

I miss E!!!!!!!

Erhen said...

Ooooooo. There is one in February, Can I go with?