November 12, 2007

clinging to autumn

These pictures reflect a quietness I only wish my weekend possessed . . .

I pause before the magic woods

simply autumn

poor neglected project

The last is of my poor neglected dress project. Although it still looks like fall, the weather has turned too bitter for cotton shifts, and so in light of the work I have to do this one has been shelved. Pooh. :(

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Blaze said...

What beautiful photos! I agree that the weather has been QUITE cold lately, and something needs to be done about it! :) Your dress looks so beautiful, and I can't wait to see the finished product (even if that is when the sun comes back around!)

Hope you're enjoying your Tuesday evening! :)

casey said...

Oh! I love your photograph!! So pretty! Yes, if only my weekend looked that idyllic too! hehe!

Too bad about the shift project... because that is *really* cute so far!! You know, you could always use a nice wool crepe or the like for the winter months... ;)

Erhen said...

Does it still fit like a night gown...? ::jking:: I am sad that I cannot yet see the final piece.