November 9, 2007

you heard right!

Sorry for the absence, I've been busily knitting away in the anticipation of opening my shop!

Yes, you heard right. I've been scheming and stalling long enough - barring extraneous circumstances, the felicitous shop should be up and running by the holidays! The shop will open with some of my immensely popular cabled bags. I've been working on some new designs to release, while at the same time considering the possibility of offering patterns of these designs, sometime after the new year (thanks for the idea, Casey!). Here's a not-so-sneaky sneak peek:

sneak peek

In the meantime, I have a question for you all. (Nothing like multi-tasking and using your blog for a little market research.) In an ideal world, where you could purchase as many cabled bags as you would like, which would you be more inclined to buy?
  • A cabled purse, approx. 10" wide by 11" deep (handles included, bag portion measuring 7 1/2" deep)
  • A cabled tote , approx. 10" wide by 16" deep (handles included, bag portion measuring 12 1/2" deep), for a slightly higher price

You can participate either through the poll in the sidebar or by elaborating in the comments section of this post. Thanks everyone, and have a great Friday!


bery said...

If I were buying for myself, it would be a hard decision. Would a knit tote be strong enough to hold books and a laptop? Otherwise, I'd perfer a purse. And if I were buying a gift, I would probably buy a purse, though, again, if it were my mom I was buying for, if she could put her heavy books in the tote, I might get that.

Casey said...

YAY!!! I am *so excited* for you!! :D

As for the bags, I'd probably go with the tote size if, as Bery pointed out, it would be strong enough to hold books/laptop. I'm still looking for something stylish *and* soft to carry my laptop around in... ;) hehe!

Hope you're having a lovely Friday!!!

Blaze said...

How BEAUTIFUL! Those colors are so gorgeous, I can't WAIT to see your new shop! Great job with the knitting too! I feel inspired to keep working on my little scarflings!

Meghan said...

I love the idea of a cabled purse. I've been thinking about these since this summer when I saw a lovely cabled clutch in the window of a local store. As far as the poll, I'd prefer a purse over a tote. Knitted fabrics stretch out too much if you stuff too many things in them--so maybe resisting the temptation by going smaller would be a good idea.

ambika said...

I think I'd prefer a purse as opposed to a tote.

And can I just say that the colors in the photo are outstanding? I love the pink and cream and green together.

Kelly said...

Thanks everyone for participating! For the record, the results of the sidebar poll were that purses won, 5 to 1. I think for the meantime I shall just offer the purses, and in the meantime work on perfecting some sturdy tote designs. Thanks again!