December 3, 2007

Christmas time is here . . .

Note: I had this post typed up last Thursday night, and then I fell off the face of the earth. Actually, it was hardly that dramatic, but almost as stressful - company, unexpected weather, and lots of work (subbing and a last-minute dress commission). Sorry for the absence!

Christmas time is here . . . Happiness and cheer . . . Isn't that such a great song? For me, it perfectly captures the soft, subtle excitement that creeps over me as the Advent season approaches. And links like these only add to the excitement!

advent I

Note2: At this point in the post, I began to innumerate my Christmas project ideas, along with a slight musing on how busy life gets and how little I actually accomplish. I consider the events of this last week proof of that musing, and shall henceforth not tell of my projects until they are DONE.

Merry Christmas crafting, all!


Blaze said...

Great ideas for Christmas time!!! (By the way, Charlie Brown Soundtrack = best holiday listening ever!!)

I love Calvin's stacked trees! That's a great idea for table decor!

Hope you're having fun preparing for the holidays, and that you're enjoying subbing! :)

casey said...

Oh my!!!! Thanks for sharing all these great links... :) Definitely putting me in the Christmas mood! hehe. :)

And I love those J. Crew earmuffs... *sigh* I too am not much of an earmuff person, but I regret that every time I'm out in the cold for very long! rofl!

Hope you're having a lovely day!! :)

bery said...

Those earmuffs make me wish it got cold enough here for earmuffs (now that I'm no longer in the "Virtuous North").

Erhen said...

Thank you both for Movie Night. It was so wonderful. =)

ambika said...

Oh my gosh, congrats on the front page! Your stuff is gorgeous so it's no surprise.